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I pulled this old kit out of the stash to see what I could do with it.  being the old revell kit, it had raised panel lines which i rescribed (a task that im still working to perfect). i then added rivets along the panel lines with the rosie riveter tool. Though the kit lacks some of the detail of the tamiya version, its still a good representation of the venerable F14.  I also wanted to try something new and build it in flight by mounting it to a base with clear rod through the exhaust nozzles.  as far as the finish, I wanted give it a nice sea weathered finish using various shading techniques that I've seen Shuichi Hayashi use on his 1/32 trumpeter tomcat.  If you haven't seen his work, you need to check him out on youtube, his work is absolutely incredible.  I don't typically add pilots to my models but since this is in flight, I thought what the hell.  because the kit only comes with one pilot, I had to scrounge around in my spares box and find one similar to the kit pilot.  for the walk ways, I masked off the sections and used mr surfacer 500 dabbing it as it dried to give it a grainy texture.  The pylons and maverick missiles were attached with micro magnets.



Revell 1/48 F14D