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1/32 Mig 15 UTI

this was a build for a customer who wanted a 1/32 scale Mig 15 UTI in VPAF markings.  since there are no models of this plane (a two seat version of the mig 15) in that scale, I had to combine the 1/32 Trumpeter FT-5 and 1/32 hobbycraft mig 15 bis.  Basically taking the two seat cockpit of the Ft-5 and adding it to the mig 15 bis.  Once I got the cockpits exchanged, I added more cockpit detail to bring to life the interior of this older kit.  Once put together, I spent a lot of time cleaning the join where i performed the cockpit transplant.  I used sprue goo for the join so i could rescribe panel lines and rivets easier. I then sanded the entire model smooth as the plastic had a grainy texture.  satisfied with the surface, I primed with mr surfacer, fixed any remaining problems, sanded, and re primed.  I then sprayed it with Tamiya X1 gloss black, first mixed 50/50 with mr. color leveling thinner, then two more coats mixed with highly thinned X1.  After the gloss coat was dry, I sprayed it with AK xtreme metal polished aluminum, picking out different panels with gun metal, duraluminum, stainless steel, then shading panel lines with dark aluminum.  after a coat of future floor polish and decals, I used the salt technique overspraying a highly diluted light coat of light ghost gray.  This gave the metallic finish a patchy dull appearance of worn and weathered aluminum.  finally I added a sepia pin wash the to panel lines and streaking with enamels and oils.  


build pics