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when I get a little burnt out on planes, I like to turn to some sci-fi kits to get my mojo back.  what I really like about sci-fi, especially Ma.k kits is the limitless possibilities of creating whatever I want, be it adding scratch built details, over weathering and especially being able to create a scene with a diorama.  In my humble opinion, one of the most satisfying things in this hobby is creating something cool from scratch, and with dioramas, I get to do that.  here are a few of my recently finished projects. My dioramas are created from various materials including wood, cork, plaster of paris, spackling, white glue, sand, baking soda, foam... well pretty much you name it.  If it gets the look I want, ill use it.  I never buy premade diorama materials, everything I use is either scratch built or repurposed from my extra parts bin.  ive been working with led lighting to add a little something extra as well.

geometrics 1/6 medusa


Ma.k camel and new rally pawn


Ma.k luna gans