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As a kid in the 80's, I loved art and got a real sense of fulfillment from creating things.  I was also really into jet aircraft. I would go every year to the airshows at Scott Airforce base in southwestern Illinois and was amazed by the Harrier jump jet floating in the air, the Thunderbirds precise maneuvers, and the enormity of the C-130's.  This led me to model making.  My bedroom was filled with little replicas of F'16's, A-10's and many other popular aircraft of the day.  Those models have long since perished and I can only vaguely recall how horrible the finishes were on those child built models.  I had only testors enamels and a paintbrush but I still have fond memories building and painting my favorite planes.  Once I got into High School, I moved on to bigger and better things, cars, girls, etc...Then onto college and a normal life.  I spent most of my adult life after college in law enforcement  but the stress of the job after 19 years of service got to be too much and my life started to spin out of control.  Fortunately, my family stood by my side as I made a life change and left my old career behind.  I needed to find something to keep me busy and my mind occupied and thus I picked up scale modelling again.  That was a little over a year ago and has quickly become a passion for me. With the help of the many great modelers on YouTube, and the acquisition of a room full of tools, I started to develop better skills with each model and continue to learn and try new techniques and ideas.  I find myself waking up in the morning each day eager to work on my next project.  


Thank you to my wife and two beautiful girls for encouraging me to create this site and continuing to support me in my model building endeavors.