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1/32 Trumpeter AV8B Harrier

This is the second time I've built this kit and it goes together fairly easily.  The masking of the intakes is probably the biggest issue.  The landing gear also don't all want to sit evenly but since I was doing this one in a landing pose, It didn't really matter.  I weathered this one up to emulate one that's been on the deck of a carrier and has seen a lot of use.  I used various preshading and postshading techniques along with pastels and oils to get the right look.  The carrier deck base was made from wood with styrene sheet attached to the top.  I drew out the lines, scribed the deck segments, then made divets that were filled with round pieces of molded styrene to replicate tie downs.  I then applied Mr. Surfacer 500 with a sponge to get the texture.  This one is listed for sale on ebay.